About Us

No Hydrogenated oils/chemicals


You would be surprised what restaurants use to fry, cook, and extend foods shelf life... Phatt/ Promoting a Healthy Alternative with Tasty Thoughtful Foods means something to us! Our meats are braised in our special spices. We offer Organic seasonal fruits and vegetables, and our signature sauces are made daily with no stabilizers, and OurTostadas are Gluten Free! 

No High Fructose Drinks here...


You wont find 40 oz. all you can drink sodas here! But you will find Mexican Cokes and beverages made from 100% pure cane sugar...bottled waters and naturally flavored juices... 

Seasonal and Local


Our Fruit corn salsa is unique and full of natural fruit flavors and changes with the seasons! Mango, Peaches in the summer...Blueberries, Apples and Cranberries in the fall...yes, we said cranberries! check it