Toe-Stah-Dahz: Noun: Toasted Corn Tortillas used to eat with!

Gluten Free and available in many flavors!


These Tostadas are made for Walkin...

Take it Anywhere Anytime...

 Tostadas are made for walking...

We dont squeeze limes here! We spray our 100% Key lime juice all over your food!


Take it Anywhere Anytime...

Sweet Corn Tamales...


Sweet Corn Tamales like no other...smothered with all 3 sauces!!

We are located behind Java Cafe/ down the walk way...

We are a new generation of Mexican California style cuisine

 Our menu changes with the seasons so that we can provide you with the freshest ingredients possible. Our cranberry, apple corn salsa will be sure to stimulate your palate! Coming this Fall 2018


20 South State Street, Westerville, Ohio 43081, United States

(614) 404-9326

Spring Hours/ closed 2pm-5pm Except Saturdays

Tuesday-- Saturday: 11am - 8pm

Sunday: 12-6

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